We are delighted to share the Department of Justice announcement that the OLC memo has been revised. The DOJ has decided the BOP does have the authority to #KeepThemHome and will exercise that authority to do so. 

The fight is not over as home confinement is not a sustainable solution and we still seek sentence commutation through Presidential Clemency, but this is a relief for the thousands of families who were facing an anxiety filled holiday season, wondering if it would be their last. We welcome this show of decency and common sense from the administration. 

We would like to thank the myriad individuals and organizations involved in this fight, not limited to but including Udi Ofer and the ACLU, Holly Harris and Justice Action Network, Color of Change, Representative Bonnie Watson Coleman, Senator Cory Booker, Senator Dick Durbin, and the relentless, dogged determination displayed by Kevin Ring of FAMM who first brought attention to this plight. There are literally thousands of families sleeping easier tonight thanks to everything you have done on our behalf. Thank you. 


Recently, a White House spokesperson has confirmed there is a clemency project beginning for people currently on CARES home confinement. Right now, the US Pardons Office has told people applying for clemency that they are only looking at people who are drug offenders with between 18 months and 4 years remaining on their sentences. If you fall into that category, we suggest you ask your halfway house for information. Do not panic if they don't have information, as they just might not have it yet but will later. There has been no word or clarification from the White House as to whether they will look at people with later out dates and people with economic crimes. We are hopeful they will look at these groups eventually, but at this time we have no official word. 

There has been extensive advocacy from multiple groups for our cause. We continue to hope for a fair and just solution for all affected by this problem.

In the meantime, we strongly suggest connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter to keep updated on all the latest information. We also suggest joining the FAMM Action List to keep abreast of the latest movement to bring attention to our cause. 


One of the difficulties we have faced when organizing to prevent this unnecessary happening is there's no real way for us to find contact information for the people actually out there on home confinement. We've managed to find one another through luck and personal contacts. So now we're trying to build a contact list. If you are one of the people on home confinement, please fill out this Google Form. We'll be using it to help send information (not spam; actual information) and to connect those of you who need legal assistance filing compassionate release or clemency requests with legal assistance. While we are still optimistic for a more broad solution (legislation; mass clemency) we recognize the need to have every base covered to make sure absolutely no one goes back unnecessarily. So, again, please fill this out, and circulate it to people who you know are out on home confinement from various locations. 

Finally, for those looking for an explainer on the issue, we've added an ABOUT section detailing what happened, and why we're advocating today.

Are you on Home Confinement 
under the Federal CARES Act?

DONTSENDUSBACK.ORG was formed by and for people at risk of being sent back, their families, loved ones, and supporters, to gather and share information about staying out in our communities. We discuss mobilization efforts, petitions, and tips to make sure we stay safe and outside to avoid getting sent back for technical violations. We also network to offer support and assistance to help people managing difficulties with their halfway houses or probation officers supervising their home confinement.

In light of the recent news regarding the Biden administration's unwillingness to grant clemency to the 4,000 people currently on home confinement who have been behaving themselves and rebuilding their lives as responsible, rehabilitated, law-abiding citizens, and the Department of Justice's refusal to rescind the Trump Administration's memorandum declaring that people who are not within the standard BOP time frames for home confinement (six months or ten percent, whichever is less) DONTSENDUSBACK.ORG has taken initiative to coordinate assistance with motions for compassionate release and clemency requests. If you do not already have your own private legal counsel and would like assistance in your request, we can put you in touch with that assistance. 

In order to help us help you most efficiently and make your case as strong as possible, we suggest you collect the following documentation to support your request, whether that be for a motion for compassionate release through your judge or clemency through the Department of Justice.

  1. Letters from employers, family, friends, religious and community leaders supporting, attesting to, and detailing your successful re-entry. We have people available to help with editing, grammar, and spelling if needed.
  2. Documentation of any school or training that you have completed since your release.
  3. Compile basic biographical information on what you’ve been doing since you’ve been home, highlighting any accomplishments. Have you successfully obtained employment? Did you complete necessary home renovations? Have you started a business? Have you been engaged in volunteer work or community service? Are you homeschooling, or otherwise caring for minor children or family members with health care needs?

You may be wondering "am I a good candidate for compassionate release or clemency?" or you may be thinking "there's no way my judge will grant me a compassionate release!" We can tell you that with the changes coming where the Delta variant of covid has taken hold, resulting in illness and even death in vaccinated individuals, many judges have become more open to these requests. Your individual situation may vary, but it's best to discuss this with competent and informed legal counsel before assuming anything. If your out date is later than July 1st 2022, please let us assist you with information gathering to see if this is something applicable to you. Any earlier than that will unfortunately take too long to wind through the courts to be of any significant value.

If you aren't sure of your out date, you can look on the Federal Bureau of Prison's Inmate Locator to find out.

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to be added to our mailing list, please send us an email at

In the meantime, please join us for more outreach, networking, and support in our private group on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, where you can follow the #KeepThemHome hashtag for all the latest news and events.


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